"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

Thursday, August 2, 2012


so, you might be wondering where the hell i went? im just here in the world of blogosphere but just in a different site. i know. the plan was to make another blog where negativity is not welcome. i want it to be happy and drama-free. but its life so there will always be drama. but im going to make it a point to turn the drama into an inspiring and happy drama. i did not intend to abandon this blog because its been years and whatever blah that happened in the past years, it molded me to the person that i am today. plus, my dad read this blog when he was still alive. though i don't think i can continue posting entries here too much.

well, if you want to continue reading the what's-going-on in my life, you can in tumblr. i find it much easier there.. just click the picture...

also, i started a project. another blog but more of OUR blog. i post stories of other people who i believe can inspire and make us all happy. its more of spreading the good vibes. we do need a lot of those these days.. so here --- PROJECT 25: This is yOUR story

If you have something you want to share, you can email me (details posted on the blog) or just hit the submit button.

Looking forward to hear from all of you soon!

And no, im not in a hiatus.. i just transferred into a new home. but just like a kid who loves to visit her old home, i'll still be here from time to time. In the meantime, see you on tumblr!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

first wave of ze quarter life crisis

and i thought i can escape the curse of the quarter life crisis. but no. as soon as i came back here in Cebu City, i was faced with a decision to make about where to apply for a job. my mind was pretty much fixed before i left my hometown but you know how things can change in a second. especially with me who just can't seem to make up my mind.

anyway, i was being my usual self by doubting my decisions and just saying yes to whatever the people around me is saying. as much as other people say that im oozing with confidence, they're wrong! im just pretty good in masking it. but yea, i was losing hope (that easy-- which is a great disappointment) and was just being lazy the whole day yesterday when i got a call from a friend asking if im not going to school. i said no at first but when my brother got home, i instantly called her and said im coming. and no, im not avoiding my brother. i just don't want him to see me laying around doing nothing (actually im doing gazillion things in my head) ... ok, i was avoiding him. but not really. whatever.

so when i met up with my friend, the initial plan was to get my school records in the other campus but it was too late already so i just dropped by the office of my college department to get a certificate from a congress i attended before. after that, we had snacks and talked about my friend's job. and without even thinking much i blurted out "give me your job"! see,she  already told the people in her work place that she's resigning and friday would be her last day. so im like, "i want it"! ..its perfect! i studied BEd SpEd and its about time i put that into good use. im not going to say anything about what i'll be doing yet. all i know is that im happy to be able to have this opportunity.

aside from that, a friend of mine who told me about this business thing that i actually wanted to venture on but was hesitant coz i don't have the moolah, opened its door for me again yesterday. so i said, YES! this is a kind of dive i don't normally do but what the heck! i saw some people in this business that are having good results so i'll take the risk. if it won't work out, ok, move on.

so there... just the firsts of this quarter life crisis. im actually enjoying it! i feel more like an adult. which reminds me that i should change some of the stuff in my closet and upgrade it to a more adult look. of course with a touch of fun and youth to go with it. i can never let go of the child in me..

loving life,
- A

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dear Papa,

How are you up there? How's Mama? Have you been cooking and eating and singing songs and dancing like crazy? Have you been watching movies? Did you see The Avengers? I like Hulk. And how he just threw Loki side to side. Have you seen the American Idol? You were rooting for Philip, right? But i know deep inside you like Jessica. Why, am I sure? Coz I kinda look like her! :D

How are things up there Pa? Is it pretty? As much as i want to see it, I still want to stay here and celebrate life. You know i'm getting married soon, right? With Arthur. He's a nice guy. Smart like you! Writes like crazy, loves to read and is in love with jazz just like you. He wanted to meet you and is sad that he wasn't able to.

It's going to be sad without you and Mama during my wedding. I would miss that father-daughter dance and you giving a speech. I would miss holding your hand while walking down the aisle and you giving my hand to Arthur. I would miss looking back at you and seeing you teary eyed but smiling. I would miss how we could pose crazily in front of the camera. But i know it'll still be ok. Coz you have taught me to surround myself with great people!

Did you see me walk during graduation? I didn't trip even if i was wearing those crazy heels Aye lent me. It was fun! But it would be more fun if you and Mama were there. I don't have any awards but i know you would be so happy to see my grades. It was almost a straight line because of the 1's. But of course, i still have a couple of 2's. And i'm sorry. But those were better than my old grades, right?

I made new friends. You would be happy to know that they are from different sides of the world. And no I didn't met them on-line. I met them in school. Students from Denmark who keeps in touch with me regularly and never fails to invite me to visit their place, my Chinese seatmate who helped me through my Math subject, my Korean friend who is so adorable and another Chinese Mom who i met during Christmas Eve!

I also had a tutorial job. I worked for a prominent family and taught their kids up until early summer. They were great! Such a lovely family. The little girl is so adorable!

I am home by the way. Sitting in your room now Ate and Kuya Sean's room. It's different but there's still some hints of you. I MISS YOU! Terribly! Especially now that I'm done with school and about to get married. I know you would've showered me with loads of words of wisdom and remind me of things that i shouldn't do.

I'm going back to Cebu tomorrow. Have you seen Seth? Kuya's baby. He is soooooo chubbylicious! You would've enjoyed playing with him!

I'm leaving the country soon. Thanks for helping us out with the papers and the approval. I'm just waiting for my interview and check-up schedule. Help me with that ha? Whisper to God that everything will just go smoothly and have a good response, please? Don't worry pa. I won't forget my roots. I will still speak Filipino and memorize the National Anthem. I will still listen to Filipino music and watch Filipino movies. I won't forget the values and importance of family and putting God in the center of everything. I will still come back for vacation of course. I'll be ok there. I promise.

Pa? Are you reading this now? I hope even if i haven't done much yet, you are still proud of me.



Your bunso who will never stop longing for your goodnight kiss

Monday, June 11, 2012


here are just some of the many birthday greetings that i got on facebook and twitter.. totally made me smile and feel blessed to have such great family and friends! even people i only met once who resides on the other side of the world, didn't forget and take a minute out of their day to hit the send button. THANK YOU! and how amazing is it to celebrate for 2 days? :D perks of having friends all over the world! SO BLESSED!


PS: Asia Samson, ze poet from Miami, Florida posted a happy birthday on my wall.. simple pleasures in life!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

LOVE. What is it for u?


i don't think there's a real definition of LOVE. each and everyone of us has it own definition. but there are times that we're not sure what really LOVE is. our mind changes every week, month... we say LOVE is when u wake up each morning thinking bout that one guy but changes your idea right away when you see that one guy with another girl (who happens to be just a friend)..

im turning 25 tomorrow. and im so blessed to say that i found THE LOVE i've been looking for. spending 33 months with him (to be continued..)

watch this short film from jubileeProject and let me know WHAT IS LOVE ..for you! <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

33 MONTHS & MORE!!!!!!

i LOVE u more than Anne Curtis!

Dear Rhian,

you have been one of my favorite girls on tv. me no care with all the Mo Twister scandal. ur not just a pretty face. ur a survivor. a talented survivor. a kick ass talented survivor. :DDD

- A

PS: i get kilig with u and KC M. <3

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I miss you Sitoy! ...so much!

Yco's hiphop

When I saw my 10 year old nephew, Yco danced this afternoon, it brought me to tears. It's my first time to see him dance and it just made me so happy! I don't have the pictures yet. Will just share on my next post. Lotsa mini posts coming up so yep! Guess this will be more updated now.. ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


i love Phillip P. too but Jessica Sanchez has mad vocals! and i don't think she can sing bad. she's just too great! at 16 and being able to do songs like she does is beyond amazing!

so, J, 1st runner is cool. you be going a looooonnnnggggggggg wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!

grab that GRAMMY baby!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

home in 9600

the last time i went home was last year during my Dad's funeral. if you're my facebook buddy or you've seen me last time i was home, then you'll see me smiling and all even though im breaking down inside. that time i didn't really enjoy my coming back here in 9600. who would anyway for that matter? i didn't even come home for the Christmas holidays.

so this time its totally different! i'm done with school and i don't need to go back to Cebu right away. i'm back in my hometown after like 6 years of coming home coz someone died or coming home just for a couple of weeks coz i still have school. so its really really great how i can stay here for awhile and not worry about something else that i need to accomplish somewhere else.

i'm sitting outside at our garden, facing my sister with her own laptop. being lazy and all. i just got my nails done and about to have lunch. feels good to breathe fresher air. feels good to look at lotsa green. feels good to hear my nephews voices and how i can just easily hug my sister anytime.

nothing beats HOME. but i know this won't forever be my home. but until im single, this is THE HOME for me.

minutes after i land at Awang Airport. here with my sister's youngest, Gab.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

WEDDING: first step prep

before Arthur and i even got engaged, we already started talking about getting married. so after the engagement happened, we made our entourage and guest list. and yes, it's normal if you have a lot of drafts and keeps on changing your mind. in our case, since October 2011, we have 4 drafts. and i'm sure this will still change. the maid of honor and best man i think are the only ones that hasn't changed. and we have no plans of changing it.

we talked to a lot of photographers and exchange messages with some videographers both here and abroad. and before you will think that this is going to be a huge wedding, nope. it's not. we are just looking and trying our best to hire someone that we know can really capture who we are as individuals and as a couple. from a long list, we have narrowed it down already but we still need to work on it to really choose who we want.

with the theme, i have lotsa ideas so the wedding organizer and my sister still need to work with me on this. but slowly, arthur and i, have a somewhat intact concept already. will be meeting with the uber talented and young wedding organizer when i get back home. and it's so amazing coz he is a friend and my sister knows how he works coz they worked together with some projects. it feels good knowing i can trust him.

venue, we are still scouting. this saturday, we are going around Mactan area to look at the 4 beach resorts that made our list. no it won't be a beach wedding. it will be a church wedding. crossing my fingers that we can afford this church that i really like here in the city.

gown? i know what i like but if i'll have it made or if i'll buy a ready made dress, i'm not sure.

prenup, maybe we'll do it in the states. but we'll have a shoot this saturday. it would be like a prelude to a prenup. haha! nah! we decided that we'll use it for save the date thing. and it's nice to have our picture taken by someone who knows us and have seen us grow. we're also tired trying to estimate and capture ourselves in the camera plus the whole timer thing. it takes a lot of patience and talent. so yep! we're using the talent of my sister-in-law's youngest sister and hopefully help her build her portfolio. ;)

to end this post, i want to share this photo that i like. i don't want my bridesmaids to wear the same thing. remember GIMIK THE REUNION MOVIE? (yes, i'm a 90's kid--- AWESOME, RIGHT?) ..well, ever since i saw that movie, where G. Toengi got married and Jolina Magdangal designed the clothes, i knew i wanted something like that. i mean the idea. of having different styles. the color, i want to be all the same. or maybe not. we'll see. but you get my point, right? so here...

i want it to be short like this but i might get in trouble with the church so maybe a lil below the knee will do.

so there's my first post about our wedding prep. we still have a long way to go. civil wedding first. i'll share why next time. AND NO! i'm not pregnant.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

from Philippines with LOVE

i just really need to make this quick post...


the past few days that i've been checking my feed, i see Russia as the second highest in the list of my readers. so THANK YOU! it makes me happy how someone from Russia is reading my blog even if i post a lot of nonsense stuff.

THANK YOU again and ENJOY your stay here on my blog! :D

Saturday, April 28, 2012

as different as we all are, we're STILL EQUAL.

we're all unique individuals.
no one's alike. not even twins.
we were made according to the likeness of God.
and how we are made, has a purpose.

we feel confident. we feel insecure.
we feel ashamed. we feel proud.
we feel blessed. we feel we have been forgotten.
we feel loved. we feel bullied.

we feel different things differently.
we love and get hurt in different ways.
we think differently and react differently.
we are not the same.

but in our eyes, we are the same,
human beings that needs love and care,
understanding and patience.
in our eyes, we are all equal.
no disabilities can change that.


so, the people in the collage are me and my co- student teachers from my off-campus experience in San Nicolas Elementary School and some of our dear pupils. if you have been reading my previous posts, then you should know i'm a SPED teacher. i still don't have my license, still working on that but that wouldn't stop me from spreading knowledge and my advocacy with people with special needs.

i made this collage to send a message to you, whoever you are reading this... i hope you get my message and start reading about people with special needs and help us change the negative notion that is linked to them. they are just like us. they just function differently. we need to reach out to them and go an extra mile.

one thing that i have learned whenever i'm with them is how much greatness and happiness they can bring to me just by the simple things that they do. and by the end of the day, whenever i ask myself, did they learn from me? was i able to give them what they need? i'm left with this fact... they have taught me more than what i can teach them in a day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Absence

it's been a month since my last post and it was just all pictures.. as much as i want to update my blog, i find it hard to just squeeze it in. yes, i'm done with school so you might be wondering what's keeping me busy..

for one, fiance is here so we're just spending time together as much as we can knowing that the next time we'll see each other again is going to be a few more months from now, and hopefully in his country. yes, i'm just waiting for my visa and off i go (praying, SOON!)

secondly, a few days after my graduation, fiance and i went to Bohol to spend time with my relatives and to unwind. it was such a great 2 weeks for us because that was our first travel outside Cebu together and we were in Panglao Island for 3 days which was beyond amazing and he get to meet my relatives.

everything is such a blessing! we had our ups and downs but we're still standing.

another thing that's keeping me busy is my tutoring job. i want to share about these kids and their family but i don't think i'm allowed to since they are from a prominent clan here in Cebu. what i can share though is that i'm enjoying every day i'm with S & S even if sometimes they're being bratty.

PACKING! i'm packing my stuff as early as now and already did a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. some of the stuff that was left, i'm giving away to whoever i think would like/need it. i'm having a hard time letting go of my books. found some people though who i know would really take good care of it. so, i think that's good. some clothes i need to let go, too. i'm such a hoarder! not to mention very sentimental. most of my dresses i can't let go are given to me by my Dad. *sigh*

anyway, will be going back in my hometown and spend time with more relatives and high school friends.. i just need to go back home and get in touch to the place where i grew up since i know i won't be home for a long time.

will try to update this blog more often hoping i won't get lazy... i'm actually thinking of creating a new one before i turn 25 (midlife crisis) ... i just want to create a new blog site.. it's going to be a totally new journey for me so i think it's also appropriate for me to just have a new one then maybe a domain. this whole thing that i've started since what? 2008? is crazy teen stuff.. but of course i'll be importing some posts here coz i still want to see the transitions in my life..

well, it's late so i'll just leave this picture my cousin Myro Paulo Malcampo took of me and my fiance during a sunset at Panglao Island, Bohol...

hope you're having a great week my dear reader! 

Friday, March 23, 2012


so i was in a hiatus! you know how there's a lot happening and you just can't seem to put it down on words because you don't know where to start? so i'll leave some pictures and hopefully, you get how happy and blessed i feel right now.
guiding Jenny with her art work during my off-campus experience at SNES-SPED CENTER

the San Nicolas Angels... 

goofin around with Fiel, Charmaine, Joanne and Pamix

Fern.Cha.Joy.Mam Virgie,Ann,moi,Jeph

my new found family!

with fiance.. PROM?

being with my sister <3

Ms Kray.Ella.moi.Ms Doris... d'epic 4!

us 5 with the uber great 2 mentors of ours


the reason why i'm so busy and just can't update my blog..

it's because i'm going to graduate soon! well, that's tomorrow actually. after 8 long years (already shared why but in a different post somewhere here), i'm done!

Bachelor of Education Major in Special Education

and ..


of course i wouldn't end this post without my ala Victoria's Secret Angel shot...

Friday, February 17, 2012

them Victoria's Secret Angels Calendar Girls

So the angels of Victoria's Secret shot a calendar editorial for V Man. Photographed by Wiley Vanderperre and styled by Carine Roitfeld.

these girls are soo pretty purrfect! most people sigh over Miranda Kerr or Alessandra Ambrosio but my love is all for Chanel Iman. she's the reason why i would watch their yearly uber great fashion show. there's something about her that draws my whole attention. my second favorite is not yet well known. i think she's new.. i actually missed her name. she's asian..

anyway, here's Chanel Iman's shot. she modeled for the month of November.

and the miss for my birth month?

Izabel Goulart

these ladies are so heavenly. i would rather watch them than Ms. Universe..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS my dear cousins!

today is such a great day for our family! good news good news good news!!! GOD IS SO GOOD! 

first off, my cousin, Adnan Juanday's (aka Jong Villa) pretty wife, Justine Fulgar just gave birth to a healthy baby boy! still waiting for the pictures.. i'm so happy for them! Jong is just a year older than me and we grew up together. so, to see him married and now a father is just so awesome!

i was supposed to post some pictures from their post nup but never had the chance to. so, i grabbed some from Justine's fb account. this was taken at the Grand Mosque in Kalanganan, Cotabato. enjoy the great photos of this lovely couple. im not saying this coz the guy is my cousin but hey! check the pics out and you'll agree how lovely they look.. 

*** you think the guy is familiar? he's one of the contestants on BeachBum something in Studio 23's WAZZUP WAZZUP with Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro. who also appeared in a Dutchmill commercial a few years ago.

secondly, my "twin" cousin, Bea Malcampo is now a registered nurse! this uber hot and pretty mama of a 3 year old talented and bubbly little girl has been through a lot! i'm damn proud of her! she would smile and appear like she's all ok but deep inside she's in so much pain and pressure. so to see her rise above it all, makes me uber happy! Bea's been and well still is misunderstood by so many. but she never lets it drag her down. and to see my younger cousin deal with the negativity around her with head up high and a so-what attitude is just amazing! 

so to the haters and backstabbers, eat your heart out! coz this one hot momma is about to blaze the town! 

CONGRATULATIONS my dear cousins!!! here's to a bigger and kick-ass family! <3

And again, Thank you dear God, for the blessings.. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Supersonic Speed of Charming

the week hasn't end yet, but there's a lot that happened already. first day of the week and a 6.9 earthquake rattled Cebu. series of aftershock and a level 2 tsunami alert that left the Cebuanos really scared. pressure from school, from the people around, misunderstandings, and expectations that fell short. i have so much to tell, but chose to just hit the bed. and when i was about to, i was directed to this poem by ASIA SAMSON. one of the poets i so look up to.

** i know this is really long so you can just go and skip right to the bolded part. but then it would be great if you can read the whole thing. ASIA SAMSON, THANK YOU!!!

Have you ever noticed how life is a lot like toilet paper? 
How it always seems to unravel faster, the closer you come to the end of the roll? 
Smoking cigarettes with my father, this is what he passes down. 
This profound insight the day he turned 58 years old.
My father has never been clever with metaphors. 
He attends a prayer group on Saturdays.
Goes to church on Sundays. 
And once a month volunteers to serve communion to the elderly, at the local retirement home. 
If the entrance to heaven was measured by the path we take to reach the pearly gates 
God would blow breath on my father’s feet to lift him to the sky
While I…would have a lot of explaining to do. 
I spent most days dodging confession booths while my father, 
My father served salvation like 6 o’clock medication 
to folks who think of Communion as the frequent flyer miles we rack up to get to heaven. 
Some of them have cashed their tickets by the time my father returns. 
But he returns.
Every month. 
If not for them, then for the old man in room 14. 
For him my father remains persistent. 
Peers into his room and offers Communion as if this time will be different.
Only to be met each month by a face as distant as the relatives who no longer visit.
But for the first time last week, the old man said yes. 
Took the leavened bread from my fathers fingers 
Placed it on his lips where it lingered, until that evening. 
He went to sleep and never woke again. 
Left this world with nothing more than a bedpan that needs cleaning 
A 3 piece suit to be buried in 
And the one question my father started asking since. 
What is it about death that makes a man finally come to terms with God? 
I am the wrong guy to be asking.
There’s a part of me that believes death doesn’t give you too many chances to escape the light. 
You might as well smoke your lungs into midnight. 
Drink like the liver deserves to be punished. 
Super-size your value meals. 
Pimp slap an ex-convict. 
Masturbate until your brain explodes from a lack of oxygen.  
There’s 6 million ways to die. 
Choose one that best fits your personality and run with it.  
I, I been running ever since. 
Going through life as fast as I blew through cigarettes. 
Tipsy walking on the rim of shot glasses. 
Haphazard and reckless. 
Eyes wide open.
Searching for places I’m hoping god will never find me… 

------- (this was the part where i just can't stop crying)
Until I see my father. 
Knee buckled at the pews. 
Hands knuckled at the brow. 
Eyes clenched tight as a redemption reveals itself on the inside of our eyelids.
And we are trying to squeeze it through our tear ducts 
So the world can see God’s glory inside us. 
My father will never show his tears. 
But I know,
Watching as his temples move in prayer.
He sometimes curses God for the calloused palms 
For the tired fingers. 
Cursing how he can leave them so tight with faith.
While God just watches his wife, his children and his ambition slip through them. 
My father, who will feed you with one hand while spanking you into oblivion with the other. 
Who will lecture us why an A- wasn’t good enough. 
Bring home a B and he’ll ransack your room looking for drugs. 
Who will brag to his friends about us. 
Who will worry about my living life with such reckless abandon. 
My father,
Who after every cigarette break asks if I can stay even for just a little while…
And I find myself always saying no. 
Because I’ve got things to do and places to go.
And I watch him disappearing faster from my review. 
Distance glowing like the skid marks that blaze behind me. 
You were right Pop!
Life is supersonic. 
So grab my arm and slow me down like you always have. 
Remind me not to run too fast. 
Teach me to look both ways before crossing the street 
Because the world is out there. 
Blazing by at high speed.
And I get lost way too often
And some days I forget to come home. 
But you should know these days
I’m only reckless on the microphone. 
I’m looking both ways before making a decision. 
I’m holding tight before all unravels with a simple misstep. 
So please light up another cigarette. 
Let the smoke linger a little bit longer. 
Let it rise to the heavens 
And I will ride it like God blowing breath at my feet 
And when I arrive 
And they ask me if I’ve come to terms with my faith enough to come inside 
I’ll tell them the one thing I know to be true.
I’ll tell them I came to terms with God 
The moment I saw God living in you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


it's been almost 4 months since he proposed to me. and it feels like it was just yesterday. it feels good knowing that i'm going to marry the guy of my dreams. it's absolutely amazing how everything i hoped for, is now right in front of me.

i always get excited and giddy when i see marriage proposal videos especially if it's by the people that i like. it reminds me on how my fiance kneeled and asked me as that one sunny day last October 2011.  so here, allow me to post my all time fave marriage proposals that never fails to make me kilig everytime i watch it.

you ready?

1. Patrick Filart + Patty Laurel

i've been a follower of Patty Laurel since 2008, i think? her blog has been a daily dosage for me. it keeps me positive and happy. i am such a fan so i was so happy when i saw her here in Cebu one morning. i had my pic taken with her even if im so baho (coz galing sa early ukay2x mode). ok. this is going to be on a different post. anyway i was so happy when i saw that she is now engaged! Patrick Filart did a great job! twas so sweet. and seeing Patty jumped up and down made me jumped, too! like seriously.. ganyan ako ka attached sa kanya. :) congratulations you guys!

2. Matt + Ginny

this crazily brought me to tears. who wouldn't be? your guy asking permission to your dad to marry you. that  is the ultimate! you know you got a keeper there if he did that. and this is definitely well-planned. so cute!

3. Michael + Carissa

2 of my favorite artists just got engaged! how awesome is that? and Carissa's reaction is just so epic! now these two can make more lovely music together as "US".

4. Jamin + Val

a lot of people like Trang and Nam's flash mob marriage proposal at UCLA. but this one is the BEST for me. Val's reaction is just so ultimate that everytime i watch this i can't help but cry with her too.


is ...

5. Arthur + Agnes

yea! of course i'll be biased. this my fiance proposing to me through magic (though you won't see the whole part here) but yea. its the most epic of all because i've never seen anyone did something like this. he planned a whole show of magic to tell our story without anyone guessing that it'll end like this till my brother read the pamanhikan letter. 

oh and what makes it more epic was the comment on the last part of the vid "I'M SO GLAD I CAME HERE!" haha! i'm not really sure who uttered those words. if it was our friend Thomas who is also a great magician from Cebu or my brother's boss, Etienne.

so there... hope you fell in love with the videos and keep on believing that LOVE really does exist. and no time and distance can keep away two hearts that beat as one. yes, we deal our love with distance. but hey, we're here now and about to take the road on a new chapter for our lifelong journey!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

excited to be his MRS.

the guy i'm gonna marry soon.
the one who never fails to make me happy each day.
yes, there are fights and tears and every imaginable pain,
but, those are nothing to the joy he brings.

he is the guy i'm gonna spend my forever with,
the guy i'm gonna raise a family with.
he is not perfect but I LOVE HIM
he is not perfect but HE IS SO WORTH IT!

*photo courtesy of Antonio DeViva during Jam Session VI (Orlando, Florida)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i won't give up

so the past few days were kinda busy both in school and with the social life. twas our last week on our in-campus experience so there were loads of lesson plans to finish and teaching to do to reach the required hours and number of lesson plans. and when twas done, here comes SINULOG! the much awaited celebration of Cebuanos for Sto Nino. and for that, a lot of friends came back to celebrate. 

first was Ate Yvette, our adopted sister. we hang out especially the night before Sinulog. twas a crazy day with her then Ali caught up with us later that day. He came all the way from Manila and it's gonna be the 2nd time we gonna spend Sinulog with Glady (who came home from Dubai). during Sinulog, twas the 3 of us + Glady's bf, Alfonse but most of the time, twas just the 3 of us. 2 days with a crappy cell connection. you can't expect sending and receiving messages right away. it's frustrating especially when you're trying to get in touch with your fiance on the other side of the world.

the following day, i spent it with Ali again, Regi and JK (my elementary - high school friends). Though Regi and JK are just here in Cebu, we hardly see each other coz of our scheds. so twas nice to catch up with them again. after eating like crazy, we decided to hit Busay for some zip lining (this would be in a different post). the whole time me and my friends were hanging out, i wasn't able to text him much. and for 3 days, i wasn't able to go on-line. so just imagine the missing waves!

anyway, to cut it short, we had a crazy fight last night. but we ended with a good note. and im so glad! no matter what happens, no matter how crazy the day goes, no matter how it hurts, no matter how the frustration goes, i know i'll always want to be with him at the end of the day. i love him like crazy, YES! we're about to get married, but were still having these really bad days. nobody said it's gonna be a smooth ride. all we know is that, we're here, we'll fight this together and that we won't let anyone/anything take this away from us. 

so imagine when i went online and found this song... Jason Mraz hit the core! 


NEVER! i found him, it may not be smiles all the time but i don't care. I LOVE HIM! and im gonna marry him. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

that skin care tip from Nicole Andersson

so i asked Nicole Andersson on how she's keeping that great skin.. and i'm just so happy that she replied. yea, im really mababaw like that! hahaha! i mean, she's a celeb and all but she still takes time to really manage her blog and reply to anyone who sends her message and ask her something. anyway, she answered me and gave me the simplest answer of all that I usually ignore. oh well, i guess i really need to follow this super basic routine.

see people? now i just really need to get hold of that one cleanser that would work magic on my face. 24 years on this earth and I still haven't seen THE ONE. and yes, i should never ever be tired on doing that MOISTURIZE thing. sigh. i guess that would also be a part of my 2012 resolution (add it to the list i sent Nicole for her tumblr blog). anyway, check out her gorgeousness, Nicole Andersson!

picture from the Official Nicole Andersson facebook account

if you don't find her stunning then I guess you need to make that visit to Acebedo Optical (i choose that coz me blessed to have Mike Lopez as a friend so im'a promote their biz). so there, there... 

i'm like starting to admire her coz she's nice and fun and i've never heard anyone say bad things bout her. so yep! 

let's start moisturizing everyone! <3

PS: Dear Nicole, stay nice and amazing. thanks! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Twas 2008 when I started making this. I was inspired by Bianca Gonzales and so I decided to make my own list to let ‘em  and the rest of the people know how awesome they are and how much they’ve been a great help to my life’s journey. I wasn’t able to make my 2010 list. But I still have the draft somewhere. Procrastination overload--- that’s what happened. So now, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to post my PEOPLE OF THE YEAR 2011! Who said only magazines and tv shows can make their people of the year?

Kristine Chaves-Becerro

the newly added faculty member in COED. I was a bit hesitant about her when I first came to her class. She was handling Research in SPED and is one of the toughest subjects in my major. So the last thing that I want is to be in a class where I’m not comfortable with the teacher. But lo and behold! She turned out to be THE teacher! She knows what she’s teaching, she knows how to deliver it (to a bunch of crazy ass teenagers), she carries herself well and ---√† SHE’S SO MUCH FUN! Yes, she is FUN! You won’t see her crazy side in class but hang out with her and tadah!!! Your stomach will hurt from too much laughin. Add the wisdom and advices she willingly gives, you earned yourself a great friend!

Ella Mae Z. Francisco

the misunderstood by a lot in school. She’s strong and smart and mature. I admire how she handles things and how independent she is. She is one of the greatest friends I could have. She understands me, she knows when im down, and knows when im hungry. The food and cupcake supplies are just a plus on having her. I love this girl and im gonna miss her.

*** photos from Aly's Blog 


I met her through tumblr and twas her LDR blog that made us start talking. She’s years younger than me but I can say she knows what her dealing with and is very mature in handling her relationship with Michael who is btw a US Marine. I learned a lot from her and is inspired to make my journey with Arthur work till forever. She’s strong and very confident. It shows on how she answers messages from a lot of haters (I guess beauty and happiness attracts haters). But, some stories need to end and sadly they broke up. Idk the reasons but Aly will always be one of the people I look up to when it comes to LDR.

Miriam Sarah Pasco-Ortuoste

THE SISTER! My 2nd mother. Whenever im with her I feel like a total baby! She has her family and kids to attend to but she never, EVER makes me feel left out. She makes time for me while being with her family and I admire her for that. She doesn’t know it but she’s one hell of a supermom!

Sandra Antonio

THE MOM. She is the mother of the guy im going to marry this year. She is the mother that reminds me of my mother in so many ways. She is the ultimate mother! She is the mother I want to be like when I become a mother. She is the mother that im going to call Mama soon. She is the mother that is uber lovable and sweet and caring and very thoughtful. The mother that everyone will love. I couldn’t ask God for more. Im blessed with a wonderful fianc√© and to have Tita Sandy as a mother-in-law is simply THE BEST!

with Mike Lopez (Bottomline) and Jessadel Kabingue - our guest speakers during our 2nd Inter-School SPED Assembly

during our Send Off party for the October 2011 graduates at Outpost Resto Bar

Special Education Student Organization (COED-USC)

THE organization that made me crazy busy on my last year in college. They helped me see what im capable of doing and that I still have those leadership skills I thought I lost a long time ago. They have opened my eyes to new ideas and ways to help not just the organization, but each of us as well.

Them friends from EVERSINCE
Ayesha (my bestfriend), Kris, Esthree, Keith, Rahima,  Janus, Noel, Nixon

I wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for them. When my papa died, they were there since Day 1. They never left my side and was always there to cheer me up. The time I thought all im left to do was cry, ended up with gazillions of laughter. For some reason, I think my Dad was the one who brought us all together. I know he doesn’t want to see me sad and so he brought all my crazy ass friends home. Them 8 friends didn’t know how much help they’ve given me. They have turned the saddest moment of my life into one of the best!

Seth Nathaniel R. Pasco

that uber cute-cheeksy-lil boy that gave us so much happiness! He is the 2nd child of my brother and is someone that makes my blah days turn into an AMAZING one. Taking care of him can get tiring but when I see that smile & hear his voice and that angel like face whenever he falls asleep, im done!

Florante Pasco, Jr

he has been on my list since I started. He will always be. Papa passed away August last year and I’m not really sure if I’ve already accepted the fact or I still haven’t faced the reality. The following day that we laid him to rest my brother and I went back to Cebu. So im not really sure where I stand now. All I know is I miss the man. The wisdom he has shared to me I will forever carry.

Arthur Antonio

the man I’ve been in love with for the past 28 months. The man who proposed to me last October in front of a lot of people he doesn’t really know. The man im going to spend the rest of my life with. He will always be a part of this list because every day is a great testimony on how amazing my year has been since we got together.

To my PEOPLE OF THE YEAR thank you so much for being so great and inspiring!

Thank You Bianca for inspiring me to make a list like this, look back and be thankful to a great 2011! --> check out her People of the Year 2011
*** Bianca was in my very first list

Also I want to leave a shoutout to Pamix, Ma'am Doris, Aleli, Korina, Ate Lois, Fiel, Matthew,  Lea Duhaylungsod and them famous & talented people who makes me laugh and makes my day easier to handle ---> Patty Laurel, Kina Grannis, AJ Rafael, Divine Lee, Saab Magalona, and Nicole Anderson. 


If you don’t see your name here and you think you should be, im sorry. There are still a lot of people I want to put. But this list won’t end here. And this blog is not going anywhere. Plus, it doesn’t mean I’m not grateful of having you in my life.