"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dear Papa,

How are you up there? How's Mama? Have you been cooking and eating and singing songs and dancing like crazy? Have you been watching movies? Did you see The Avengers? I like Hulk. And how he just threw Loki side to side. Have you seen the American Idol? You were rooting for Philip, right? But i know deep inside you like Jessica. Why, am I sure? Coz I kinda look like her! :D

How are things up there Pa? Is it pretty? As much as i want to see it, I still want to stay here and celebrate life. You know i'm getting married soon, right? With Arthur. He's a nice guy. Smart like you! Writes like crazy, loves to read and is in love with jazz just like you. He wanted to meet you and is sad that he wasn't able to.

It's going to be sad without you and Mama during my wedding. I would miss that father-daughter dance and you giving a speech. I would miss holding your hand while walking down the aisle and you giving my hand to Arthur. I would miss looking back at you and seeing you teary eyed but smiling. I would miss how we could pose crazily in front of the camera. But i know it'll still be ok. Coz you have taught me to surround myself with great people!

Did you see me walk during graduation? I didn't trip even if i was wearing those crazy heels Aye lent me. It was fun! But it would be more fun if you and Mama were there. I don't have any awards but i know you would be so happy to see my grades. It was almost a straight line because of the 1's. But of course, i still have a couple of 2's. And i'm sorry. But those were better than my old grades, right?

I made new friends. You would be happy to know that they are from different sides of the world. And no I didn't met them on-line. I met them in school. Students from Denmark who keeps in touch with me regularly and never fails to invite me to visit their place, my Chinese seatmate who helped me through my Math subject, my Korean friend who is so adorable and another Chinese Mom who i met during Christmas Eve!

I also had a tutorial job. I worked for a prominent family and taught their kids up until early summer. They were great! Such a lovely family. The little girl is so adorable!

I am home by the way. Sitting in your room now Ate and Kuya Sean's room. It's different but there's still some hints of you. I MISS YOU! Terribly! Especially now that I'm done with school and about to get married. I know you would've showered me with loads of words of wisdom and remind me of things that i shouldn't do.

I'm going back to Cebu tomorrow. Have you seen Seth? Kuya's baby. He is soooooo chubbylicious! You would've enjoyed playing with him!

I'm leaving the country soon. Thanks for helping us out with the papers and the approval. I'm just waiting for my interview and check-up schedule. Help me with that ha? Whisper to God that everything will just go smoothly and have a good response, please? Don't worry pa. I won't forget my roots. I will still speak Filipino and memorize the National Anthem. I will still listen to Filipino music and watch Filipino movies. I won't forget the values and importance of family and putting God in the center of everything. I will still come back for vacation of course. I'll be ok there. I promise.

Pa? Are you reading this now? I hope even if i haven't done much yet, you are still proud of me.



Your bunso who will never stop longing for your goodnight kiss

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