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Thursday, May 3, 2012

WEDDING: first step prep

before Arthur and i even got engaged, we already started talking about getting married. so after the engagement happened, we made our entourage and guest list. and yes, it's normal if you have a lot of drafts and keeps on changing your mind. in our case, since October 2011, we have 4 drafts. and i'm sure this will still change. the maid of honor and best man i think are the only ones that hasn't changed. and we have no plans of changing it.

we talked to a lot of photographers and exchange messages with some videographers both here and abroad. and before you will think that this is going to be a huge wedding, nope. it's not. we are just looking and trying our best to hire someone that we know can really capture who we are as individuals and as a couple. from a long list, we have narrowed it down already but we still need to work on it to really choose who we want.

with the theme, i have lotsa ideas so the wedding organizer and my sister still need to work with me on this. but slowly, arthur and i, have a somewhat intact concept already. will be meeting with the uber talented and young wedding organizer when i get back home. and it's so amazing coz he is a friend and my sister knows how he works coz they worked together with some projects. it feels good knowing i can trust him.

venue, we are still scouting. this saturday, we are going around Mactan area to look at the 4 beach resorts that made our list. no it won't be a beach wedding. it will be a church wedding. crossing my fingers that we can afford this church that i really like here in the city.

gown? i know what i like but if i'll have it made or if i'll buy a ready made dress, i'm not sure.

prenup, maybe we'll do it in the states. but we'll have a shoot this saturday. it would be like a prelude to a prenup. haha! nah! we decided that we'll use it for save the date thing. and it's nice to have our picture taken by someone who knows us and have seen us grow. we're also tired trying to estimate and capture ourselves in the camera plus the whole timer thing. it takes a lot of patience and talent. so yep! we're using the talent of my sister-in-law's youngest sister and hopefully help her build her portfolio. ;)

to end this post, i want to share this photo that i like. i don't want my bridesmaids to wear the same thing. remember GIMIK THE REUNION MOVIE? (yes, i'm a 90's kid--- AWESOME, RIGHT?) ..well, ever since i saw that movie, where G. Toengi got married and Jolina Magdangal designed the clothes, i knew i wanted something like that. i mean the idea. of having different styles. the color, i want to be all the same. or maybe not. we'll see. but you get my point, right? so here...

i want it to be short like this but i might get in trouble with the church so maybe a lil below the knee will do.

so there's my first post about our wedding prep. we still have a long way to go. civil wedding first. i'll share why next time. AND NO! i'm not pregnant.


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