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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

first wave of ze quarter life crisis

and i thought i can escape the curse of the quarter life crisis. but no. as soon as i came back here in Cebu City, i was faced with a decision to make about where to apply for a job. my mind was pretty much fixed before i left my hometown but you know how things can change in a second. especially with me who just can't seem to make up my mind.

anyway, i was being my usual self by doubting my decisions and just saying yes to whatever the people around me is saying. as much as other people say that im oozing with confidence, they're wrong! im just pretty good in masking it. but yea, i was losing hope (that easy-- which is a great disappointment) and was just being lazy the whole day yesterday when i got a call from a friend asking if im not going to school. i said no at first but when my brother got home, i instantly called her and said im coming. and no, im not avoiding my brother. i just don't want him to see me laying around doing nothing (actually im doing gazillion things in my head) ... ok, i was avoiding him. but not really. whatever.

so when i met up with my friend, the initial plan was to get my school records in the other campus but it was too late already so i just dropped by the office of my college department to get a certificate from a congress i attended before. after that, we had snacks and talked about my friend's job. and without even thinking much i blurted out "give me your job"! see,she  already told the people in her work place that she's resigning and friday would be her last day. so im like, "i want it"! ..its perfect! i studied BEd SpEd and its about time i put that into good use. im not going to say anything about what i'll be doing yet. all i know is that im happy to be able to have this opportunity.

aside from that, a friend of mine who told me about this business thing that i actually wanted to venture on but was hesitant coz i don't have the moolah, opened its door for me again yesterday. so i said, YES! this is a kind of dive i don't normally do but what the heck! i saw some people in this business that are having good results so i'll take the risk. if it won't work out, ok, move on.

so there... just the firsts of this quarter life crisis. im actually enjoying it! i feel more like an adult. which reminds me that i should change some of the stuff in my closet and upgrade it to a more adult look. of course with a touch of fun and youth to go with it. i can never let go of the child in me..

loving life,
- A

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