"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

Saturday, April 28, 2012

as different as we all are, we're STILL EQUAL.

we're all unique individuals.
no one's alike. not even twins.
we were made according to the likeness of God.
and how we are made, has a purpose.

we feel confident. we feel insecure.
we feel ashamed. we feel proud.
we feel blessed. we feel we have been forgotten.
we feel loved. we feel bullied.

we feel different things differently.
we love and get hurt in different ways.
we think differently and react differently.
we are not the same.

but in our eyes, we are the same,
human beings that needs love and care,
understanding and patience.
in our eyes, we are all equal.
no disabilities can change that.


so, the people in the collage are me and my co- student teachers from my off-campus experience in San Nicolas Elementary School and some of our dear pupils. if you have been reading my previous posts, then you should know i'm a SPED teacher. i still don't have my license, still working on that but that wouldn't stop me from spreading knowledge and my advocacy with people with special needs.

i made this collage to send a message to you, whoever you are reading this... i hope you get my message and start reading about people with special needs and help us change the negative notion that is linked to them. they are just like us. they just function differently. we need to reach out to them and go an extra mile.

one thing that i have learned whenever i'm with them is how much greatness and happiness they can bring to me just by the simple things that they do. and by the end of the day, whenever i ask myself, did they learn from me? was i able to give them what they need? i'm left with this fact... they have taught me more than what i can teach them in a day.

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