"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

home in 9600

the last time i went home was last year during my Dad's funeral. if you're my facebook buddy or you've seen me last time i was home, then you'll see me smiling and all even though im breaking down inside. that time i didn't really enjoy my coming back here in 9600. who would anyway for that matter? i didn't even come home for the Christmas holidays.

so this time its totally different! i'm done with school and i don't need to go back to Cebu right away. i'm back in my hometown after like 6 years of coming home coz someone died or coming home just for a couple of weeks coz i still have school. so its really really great how i can stay here for awhile and not worry about something else that i need to accomplish somewhere else.

i'm sitting outside at our garden, facing my sister with her own laptop. being lazy and all. i just got my nails done and about to have lunch. feels good to breathe fresher air. feels good to look at lotsa green. feels good to hear my nephews voices and how i can just easily hug my sister anytime.

nothing beats HOME. but i know this won't forever be my home. but until im single, this is THE HOME for me.

minutes after i land at Awang Airport. here with my sister's youngest, Gab.

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